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Down Under Tours with Travel 2 Adventure Tours

Picture yourself on the adventure of a lifetime! Join us in 2019 for an unforgettable trip to this mystical land of rain forests, deserts, coral reefs, vineyards, and aborigine culture. You will get into the Australian spirit of things through book readings, wine tours, and documentaries. Ritual will ground you along your journey, leaving a lasting imprint on your life and outlook. This is a powerful retreat from the norm that will empower you to see the world around you through a broader scope. Travel Light, Journey Deep is the motto for Travel 2 Adventure Tours. WE invite you to share in this experience of connection with the first peoples of Australia and their rich heritage of love for the earth, the sky and all the creatures contained within its flora and fauna.  As you connect with the land you will further connect with your inner landscape and go on an archaeological dig to discover the gift of who you are and whose you are.

You will arrive in Sydney and spend the day here before beginning your tour in Brisbane along the
Queensland Coast. You will need this time to catch up on some much needed sleep and this will give
you a chance to see the Sydney harbor and Opera House!

Day 1:

Arrive Brisbane early AM flying from Sydney. Take the train and check in to your Hotel.
Catch an aboriginal art tour at the Queensland Art Gallery by walking along the South Bank
Promenade to get to the gallery. Enjoy a Koala Bear Sanctuary Cruise at 3 PM. Return to Brisbane
and have dinner before retiring to get caught up on some lost sleep that that one night in Sydney
will in no way allow you to get caught up on.


Day 2:

Pick up our car and then drive to the Observatory Park in the rainforest. Drive to the villas
at a tourist park Near Surfer’s Paradise. Settle in to the beach and inner waterway accommodations.


Day 3:

Drive up to Mt Tambourine for a day of hiking in the rainforest, drink some tea near the
rainforest and enjoy a dessert from an almost 100 year old bakery. Once down from the mountain
drive to the Kangaroo and Koala bear sanctuary in the early evening. Return to the caravan park for
an evening of sunset and wine and a walk along the white sandy beach.


Day 4:

Drive to Burleigh Heads. Take the guided aboriginal tour and check out the coco whip at
the local health food shop just over the border into NSW. Walk on the beach/catch a few rays for the
last time and then head to the airport to fly or drive to the Whitsunday Islands at the lower border
of the Great Barrier Reef near Proserpine.


Day 5-6:

Spend the next 1 1/2 days in the Whitsunday islands namely on Hamilton Island swimming,
snorkelling and hiking. Sitting around the local bar or watching the sea critters frolic in the water at
sunset we will close out our days on the island.


Day 7:

We will return to the Proserpine airport to fly to Port Douglas away from the more
touristy Cairns. We will settle into our tourist park/hotel and enjoy a meal by the Ocean and one of
the local Australian restaurants.


Day 8 to Day 11:

We will hire an Aboriginal Tour Guide and a 4 WD to drive up the York
Peninsula to the top of Australia. Spending 3 days on this trip we will stop on the way up to the top
of the continent to visit rainforests, enjoy the local flora and fauna and picnic along the way. We will
learn more about the aboriginal lifestyle and song lines.


Day 12:

We depart mid-morning or afternoon to fly to Melbourne to take in her sights and sounds.
We will book into our hotel and then search all the Melbourne arcades for an afternoon tea at the

Hopetown Tea Rooms. We will visit a local art gallery and her artist in residence in the afternoon.
We will walk along the beaches area before enjoying a meal at the Gas Works Gallery restaurant.


Day 13:

We drive to Cobden in the Western District of Victoria. Arriving mid- morning we will take
the Gourmet Trail tour to sample cheese, olive oils, unique boutique chocolates and local wines
before settling into our B&B and some Devonshire tea. We will dine this night at a local pub for a
counter tea. Settling for the night in the B&B with coffee and port on the porch in a secret garden.


Day 14:

We have booked a walk in Treetops amongst the Otway ranges before heading to Port
Campbell and the Great Ocean Road for some fish and chips and some of the most picturesque
scenery you will see anywhere in the world. Returning to our B&B late at night.


Day 15:

We return to Melbourne to catch the night flight home stopping along the way at an
aboriginal cultural centre. Arrive back in the USA on the same day that you departed!

A final note: Check out the video clips on the weblink and get into the spirit of Australia.

“If there are places that are an absolute must, tell us about them and we can rearrange our tour to fit your needs and wants. This sacred tour company is about ensuring that you find yourself along the way to discovering Australia and its first peoples, culture and wonders. This tour is only a suggestion for getting the most out of your time in this mystical land down-under.

Do you have a burning desire to see Uluru or Kata Juta, or travel the Orient Express of the Outback, the Ghan? Or live with aborigines. This may take a little longer to plan as the Ghan is booked years in advance, so scheduling is vital.

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