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Honoring Diverse Life Paths

We talk about the need to address bullying in schools but it seems we forget that bullying takes many shapes and forms and occurs in all age groups. When we generalize a generation or a race, religion, or ethnicity, we lump people into a category and dishonor individuality. There are times we rush to judgment about someone's behavior while overlooking the specific circumstances of their life. And there is the tendency for people to put themselves down creating feelings of self-doubt and not good enough beliefs. These are all ways we dishonor ourselves and others.

I invite you to take some time this month to honor and appreciate:

* The people in your life

* The ancestors who came before you

* The generations who are younger and older than you

* The diversity of people in the world

* The richness of your life's experiences

Think of a beautiful botanical garden. The roots of all the plants may differ but together, when fertilized and watered appropriately they create an incredible diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes.

What happens when you forget to water them or angrily pull out a fledgling plant that has not yet taken root?

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